Fast Eddie, Let’s Shoot Some Pool!

One of my favorite movie scenes was in The Hustler.  Fast Eddie Felson (played by Paul Newman) is a young pool shark who takes on the legendary Minnesota Fats (played by Jackie Gleason) in a high-stakes game of pool.  They play for 30 straight hours – drinking straight whiskey throughout – at which point Fast Eddie is beating Fats pretty good.

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Don’t Ask The Question If You Don’t Know the Answer

Don’t Ask The Question If You Don’t Know the Answer by John D. Horowitz

The O.J. Simpson murder trial was caked in drama, and viewed on television by roughly 100 million people.  The pivotal moment in the trial came when prosecutor Chris Darden asked Simpson to try on a black glove that was found at the murder scene.  Simpson did so (theatrically) and it appeared that the glove did not fit his hand, which resulted in Johnnie Cochran’s now famous plea to the jury, that “If the glove doesn’t fit, you must acquit.”  

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Get Into Your Trial Stance

Trials require your lawyer to present a set of facts, a story really, to a group of strangers (judges and juries). The strength of your presentation will determine whether those strangers rule in your favor. Since most facts presented at trial are in the form of live testimony, the witnesses chosen to testify must be clear, conversational and truthful. Most importantly, they must come across in a sincere and compelling manner. This is a tall order, and one that is not lost on witnesses, so it is only natural for witnesses to be nervous and/or easily confused while testifying.

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